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Earth Day and Going Green

  Since 1970, Earth Day has been observed every April 22 to help bring awareness to the struggle to help save the environment. While Earth Day was originally only observed in the United States, it is now celebrated in more than … Continue reading

Honoring Earth Hour

Truly Organic Baking is proud to support Earth Hour 2011, a global effort to bring awareness to energy conservation and global climate change. Since its inception in Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour has quickly grown into the largest single … Continue reading

Organic and Gluten-Free Soda Bread for St. Patrick’s Day, Any Day!

 With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, everyone seems to be a wee bit Irish! While many are going green with dyed beers or corned beef and cabbage, celebrations of this seasonal holiday often leave gluten-free and organic gourmands … Continue reading

Straight From the Truly Organic Baking Contact Form

Truly Organic Baking customer Barbara M. found our products at a Safeway, then sent us this amazing message:Thank you Kari for creating such an amazing group of truly healthy baking products!!!We’ve just made the Gluten Free Banana Bread Mix with … Continue reading

All-New Bakers Basics Gluten-Free Line of Organic Mixes

Eating organic on a gluten-free diet is now easier than ever! To bring the wonderful taste of your favorite foods back to the table, Truly Organic Baking has added an all-new gluten-free selection of goodies to our Bakers Basics line … Continue reading

Baking With Gluten-Free Products

  Are you looking for a way to expand your gluten-free eating options? Until recently, most people were largely in the dark about gluten-free foods, but due to the rise of food-related allergies, more people are looking toward gluten-free options to … Continue reading

Truly Organic Baking Declared a U.S.A. Taste Champion

We have some amazing news to share with you: Truly Organic Baking was declared a U.S.A. Taste Champion by the American Masters of Taste!Northern California, February 15, 2011 – Truly Organic Baking, was selected as the winning product line in … Continue reading

Organic Whole Grains in Your Daily Diet

  These days, it seems like most people are looking for ways to improve their diets. Alarming numbers of Americans have become susceptible to illnesses like high blood pressure, chronic obesity, and diabetes due to poor food choices. Even President Obama … Continue reading

What the New Nutrition Bill Means for Kids

 When you consider the fact that kids spend more time at school than at home, it’s hard to deny that school plays a major role in the lives of young people in America. Ideas and values are shaped in the … Continue reading

The Importance of Organic and Nutritious Food for Young People

As adults, many of us have come to know and love organic foods. Eating well means fewer trips to the doctor, extra energy, and the satisfaction of knowing that we’re taking good care of our bodies. With kids, on the other … Continue reading