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Truly Organic Baking Declared a U.S.A. Taste Champion

We have some amazing news to share with you: Truly Organic Baking was declared a U.S.A. Taste Champion by the American Masters of Taste!

Northern California, February 15, 2011 – Truly Organic Baking, was selected as the winning product line in the “Banana bread mix, Banana bread mix, gluten free, Brownie mix, gluten free, Pizza dough mix, Scone mix, and Spice muffin mix, gluten free” categories for retail. Their “Bakers Basics Banana Bread Original, Banana Bread- Gluten Free, Scone Mix, Brownie Mix- Gluten Free, and Spice Muffin Mix- Gluten Free” were all judged Superior.”

“We commend the culinary commitment of the staff of Truly Organic Baking for the excellence and innovation of their product line. We applaud them,” commented Jesse Sartain (Master of Taste).

Thank you for making our Truly Organic Baking products a part of your healthy lifestyle choice!

Choose ORGANIC for the sake of the planet.

Truly Organic Baking Award Of Excellence.doc (525 kb)

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