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Honoring Earth Hour

Truly Organic Baking is proud to support Earth Hour 2011, a global effort to bring awareness to energy conservation and global climate change. Since its inception in Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour has quickly grown into the largest single celebration of climate action in the world. 

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organizes this annual event and encourages participants across the globe to “leave the lights off” for this hour of celebration. Such action leads to awareness of how we are using our planet’s resources, and so we are encouraged to power-down for this period of time on March 26th.

In this day and age of widespread energy consumption, individuals are challenged to find suitable ways to occupy their time while the lights are off for this time of celebration. Such challenges are sure to make an even greater impression on all of us who are accustomed to electronic entertainment, energy-consuming travel and, of course, electric lights. 

Use your imagination to devise an appropriate way to celebrate this Earth Hour. A candlelight dinner, games at the table, or time spent outdoors in the evening make for good ways to raise our own awareness of the energy we consume, often without even noticing we are consuming it!

Saving energy and living green are admirable ways of participating in our global society without taking energy and other resources for granted. As important and fun as the global celebration of Earth Hour 2011 might be for us, the benefits of regularly using less energy puts us each in closer community with our neighbors near and far.  

Let us reflect this year on the amount of energy we consume and on the quality of life we can ensure for ourselves, and for future generations, by paying mind to just how much we take from the planet and how much we can give back. 

See national landmarks in over one hundred countries pledge support for conservation of the planet’s resources by switching off electricity on March 26 at 8:30 p.m., and let it inspire you to make energy-conscious choices so that every hour is Earth Hour.

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