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Back to School Bentos

It’s Back to School time already? No way! Where did the summer go? As you hit the stores to get the kiddos ready add a Bento Box to your list! Bento Box, traditionally a Japanese meal packed with fish, rice, … Continue reading

We have choices!

Yesterday was the California Primary Elections and it made us think about the choices we have and how we can cast our vote in many directions! We believe there should be more Organic choices on store shelves and this is … Continue reading


Here is what happened to those Farmer’s Market Strawberries, yummy! It’s super easy, use the      Truly Organic Baking Scone Mix (or make your own organic mix) and whip up some homemade whipped cream adding a dash of vanilla and evaporated … Continue reading

Berry Good

Summertime staples for our scones, BERRIES! Another great recipe idea is to whip up Strawberry Shortcake with our Scone mix, perfect BBQ dessert. And with the farmer’s markets chock-full of delicious fruits right now, it is so easy to bring … Continue reading