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Straight From the Truly Organic Baking Contact Form

Truly Organic Baking customer Barbara M. found our products at a Safeway, then sent us this amazing message:

Thank you Kari for creating such an amazing group of truly healthy baking products!!!

We’ve just made the Gluten Free Banana Bread Mix with Pecan, dried raisins and cranberries. OMG, its the best Gluten Free product I’ve ever tasted after trying a multitude of products for myself and health conscious friends of my holistic ministry practice. Almost all gluten free products on the market tend to rely on Potato flour as a base which is bland, heavy and starchy, making gluten free, taste free. Now our experience with Truly Organic Baking…Wow!! Your gluten free products have a terrific combination of complex flavors and textures-real winners! You really stand out from the gluten free crowd, utilizing organic buckwheat flour, a high, flavorful source of protein and gluten free fiber, paired with organic brown rice flour, another nutritional powerhouse food. This combination makes your products real win! ners in both taste and nutrition. Bravo!! Truly amazing! Everyone wanted seconds!

Thank you again for creating magnificent organic gluten free products.

B.D.M. Holistic Health Practitioner and Detox Guide

Thank you Barbara for these extremely wonderful and thoughtful words! =) 

Kari Ani Shiozawa

Founder & CEO

Truly Organic Baking, LLC

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