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Food for Fido

Organic pet food is free of artificial flavors, chemical additives, and pesticides that many dogs could be allergic to. Organic dog food also provides quality proteins critical for young, growing dogs. You can buy Organic pet food or prepare your … Continue reading

Summer Pizza

One of our favorite things during the summer is to whip up some Organic pizza dough and adorn it with all the amazing things growing in our garden or blessing the farmer’s markets. Simple Pizza Ideas: (from some other fellow … Continue reading

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me – Natural Mosquito Repellents

We hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend. It was a great kick off to summer and reminded us about how nights on the patio can bring out those little biting busters, mosquitos! We all know that so many store … Continue reading


Here is what happened to those Farmer’s Market Strawberries, yummy! It’s super easy, use the      Truly Organic Baking Scone Mix (or make your own organic mix) and whip up some homemade whipped cream adding a dash of vanilla and evaporated … Continue reading