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Food for Fido

Organic pet food is free of artificial flavors, chemical additives, and pesticides that many dogs could be allergic to. Organic dog food also provides quality proteins critical for young, growing dogs. You can buy Organic pet food or prepare your own – and it is VERY easy! Organic Authority recently examined the top five benefits of an Organic diet for our sidekicks and we wanted to share with our fans and followers.

Why Fido and Fluffy should eat Organic:

  • Reduction in skin ailments
  • More energy and healthy weight
  • Fewer digestive disorders
  • Stronger immunity (less vet visits, hooray)

If you want to make homemade food for your pet, here are a few website resources – just remember to keep the ingredients Organic:

There have also been several Organic cookbooks published exclusively for pet owners:

  • Real Food for Dogs: 50 Vet Approved Recipes to Please the Canine Gastronome, by Arden Moore and Anne Davis
  • Pet Food Nation, by Joan Weiskopf
  • The Natural Pet Food Cookbook, by Wendy Nan Rees, Kevin Schlanger, and Troy Cummings
  • Barker’s Grub: Easy, Wholesome, Home Cooking for Dogs, by Rudy Edalati

Remember always talk to your vet first, every pet is different and may require specific diets.

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