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Back to School Bentos


It’s Back to School time already? No way! Where did the summer go?

As you hit the stores to get the kiddos ready add a Bento Box to your list! Bento Box, traditionally a Japanese meal packed with fish, rice, and veggies in a box shaped container is a concept many families are incorporating in their lives for packing their children’s lunches. Truly Organic Baking believes that children whether home or away should eat wholesome, Organic meals. Bento Boxes provide a great way to make sure that the lunch is split up in healthy portions and you can be so creative with what you can put in it!

A blog we follow, BabyMinding, provides great tips on what to pack! But our kiddos love the Truly Organic Muffins and Banana Bread!


Also we saw yesterday that Whole Foods is now selling Laptop Lunch Bentos.

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