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Welcome to our new site! We are very excited to share with you all the happenings in the Truly Organic Baking world. We can’t wait to hear your stories, thoughts and recipes!

From My Heart…To Yours,
Kari Ani Shiozawa
Founder & CEO
Proud to be Women’s Business Enterprise Certified, Owned and Operated

12 Responses to Welcome!

  1. junglerat8 says:

    Congratulations on the new site! It’s beautiful!

  2. Love the new site! Can’t wait to try your products!

    • Kari Ani says:

      Meghan – I owe a tremendous amount of praise to The Honey Agency! Your company has the most brilliant team and it was such a pleasure working with all of you. I feel very blessed to have had the ability of giving my vision of the site to you and your team and blowing me away with the end result! I LOVE my site…
      -Kari Ani

  3. Michelle Tsang says:

    Wow! Congrats. I love the new site. Good job!

  4. Robert Rojas - Sumner Insurance Services says:

    Just wanted to comment on your current success and look foward to your growth in 2010. Web site looks like Kari Ani with that unique touch. Always a pleasure speaking to you and the whole Sumner office loved your products you’ve generously shipped to us. We are eager to try any new products you will have in the future!

  5. Carl Berndt says:

    Awesome Website!
    Your Banana Bread and Muffins are delicious. I can not wait to try everything else. I wish you the very best this new year.

  6. Christy says:

    Along with having a crazy workout day yesterday…..I found time to bake some muffins. I used organic muffin mix from Truly Organic Baking. I also mixed in some of the Berry Blend from Newman’s Own. These were very easy to make and…..YUM!! The muffins were great to have for breakfast with a little yogurt. I plan on using their pancake mix this weekend! Thanks :)

  7. Shannon says:

    Kari Ani, you have done a wonderful job on your website and very easy to navigate. All in your spare time of being a full time Mom! Keep up the good work. I look forward to trying some of your yummy organic baked goods and sharing them with the team at SeacoastVitamins.com Not all organic baked goods “truly” taste that good and tend to be a little on the dry side. It looks like you have come up with some moist fabulous easy to make products to encourage us all to eat healthy and allow us to fill our sweet tooth! I’ll keep checking to see where I can purchase your products in the UP of Michigan. Shannon

  8. Yummy looking! Cheers!

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    your sharing, it’s very useful

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  11. Masako Kalt says:

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