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Costco is Our New Customer!

CostcoWe are proud and excited to announce, we are an APPROVED Costco Supplier! They will carry our Bakers Basics™ Organic and Kosher certified Banana Bread Mix in the 2lb bag, starting in the LA Region in December 2009!

10 Responses to Costco is Our New Customer!

  1. Congratulations on this amazing contract. Costco is lucky to have you, and I know their customers will appreciate it too!

  2. Al says:

    I just baked a loaf of Banana bread (I added cranberries and walnuts!) using the mix I bought yesterday at Costco. I’ve never baked anything before, ever (lame, yes, a 41 year old guy never having baked before). But from the instructions, baking banana bread seemed simple enough, so I decided to surprise my wife. And I must say it was so easy, I am amazed. So delicious!

    I’m glad I bought two, 2lbs bag! Thanks!

    • Kari Ani says:

      Hi Al!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to post your feedback. I am so thrilled your first baking experience was with my Organic Banana Bread Mix.
      Please spread the word to everyone you know… :)
      Kari Ani

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  4. Ben says:

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  5. Great site! My dad will love this place.

  6. C Bond says:

    My sister mailed me some of the banana bread mix from a Costco in California! Hoping you’ll reach Texas soon!

  7. Mandy says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the banana bread! My mom bought it at Costco in CA and mailed it to me, she raves about it, now I can see why! Also, thanks for your help this morning baking it. I was amazed to call the 800 number on the package and get a real live person instantly, not to mention the head baker herself! I can’t wait to buy more of your products, thanks!

    • Kari Ani says:

      Hi Mandy,

      Thank you so much for your amazing comments… I really appreciate it! I am thrilled you love the Banana Bread just as much as your Mom. I am looking forward to you trying all my other products.

      Have a wonderful rest of the day!

      -Kari Ani

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