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Truly Organic Baking brings home the Gold!

Well Truly Organic Baking is back from NYC and the amazing NASFT show. We not only brought home lots of new friends and contacts but a beautiful Gold sofiAward for our Bakers BasicsOrganic Banana Bread.

We are going to have a full post of press pictures in the next week but we thought it would be fitting to show you some Organic pieces and snapshots of the event! Thank you for all your support and love for Truly Organic Baking.

sofi Ceremony 1

sofi™ Ceremony

sofi Ceremony 3

sofi™ Ceremony

sofi Ceremony 5 _Keynote Address by Executivr Green Chef Dan Barber

Keynote Speaker, Chef Dan Barber

Silver Finalist sofi Trophy & Gold sofi Trophy

Silver sofi™ Finalist Trophy & Gold sofi™ Trophy

Kari Ani with the GOLD sofi

Kari Ani, Truly Organic Baking Founder, with her Gold

AcceptanceSpeech_TOB“The Acceptance Speech!” : Even though many of you were not able to be a part of this amazing event, Kari Ani wanted to share with you her acceptance speech.  Her words came from the heart…

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  1. Kathy Hunter says:

    Kari Ani – - wow! so much has happened for you over the past 8 months!! Congratulations on such a fantastic phenomenal acheivement!!

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